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Thursday, July 16, 2009

This Farmer's Market... Part I

This is my first herb. I planted this beside the new steps to the pool. Ali and I love to much the onion chives in the evening while sitting on the steps looking into the woods. Yum. I plan on adding garlic chives to the other side of the steps. This is where we 'buy' our fresh eggs. It will take eating the eggs for 200 years to really break even on the deal.
Here's a sample of the eggs. Notice the twins in the background?

This is our vegetable garden. Well, I should say, this is Hubby's and his dad's garden. You remember the old saying, two's company, three's a crowd?
These first rows are FIL's white half-runners. Yuck! Strings!

Aw, aren't the baby zucchini cute!

From left to right: FIL's beans, whole row of tomatoes (I don't know how many varieties this year), Hubby's beans (Kentucky bush beans - no strings!), sweet potatoes, and corn. Across the back, climbing the fence, are cucumbers.

The zucchini would be in the bottom of the picture if I hadn't cut them off! I see a stray plant next to the corn. The gardener's bench marks the spot where Hubby left off picking beans.

This raised bed is away from the garden so the melons don't mix. These are Tennessee Muskmelon. My FIL told Hubby about them a few years ago. I went online and found some heirloom seeds. They get long like a watermelon. The best I've ever eaten!

I tried to find some babies, but they hide... So here are some blossoms, and if you look closely... Do you see it? I'm soooo excited! It's a honey bee! While I was holding the blossoms, it came and visited them. (Stupid camera won't let me capture 'the' moment.) I saw another one this morning on the clover! These are the first honey bees I've spotted this year. Our area is one of those you hear about where the bees are disappearing. Seeing them made my day!

Back in the garden... Here are some of the bush beans yet to be picked. I like them young and tender. FIL likes them to get big beans inside. So we pick some early, some late.

Well, I must have reached the maximum for photo uploads on this post.
Check out Part II for the actual market...

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AL said...

Oh wow...great post about farming! Now I am having a perfect picture of my future farm. That's exactly what I wanted, some fruits lots of vegatables, chicken farm. I wanted to have at least 2 cows and a fish pond. Oh I have lots of ideas in my mind...thanks for sharing Lilly.


SquirrelQueen said...

I am so excited that you are finally seeing some honey bees, I do hope there will be many more.

Good looking garden, and I'm drooling over the farm fresh eggs.

Rae said...

Looks good. Nothing like home grown. Everything tastes so much better. A lot more work but so worth it.

chicamom85 said...

What a treat to see all of this. There is nothing like growing it yourself, even the little bit that I do. Nothing compared of course, but it is a good feeling and tastes the best. Does Sadie ever raid the garden?


CrazyCris said...

sweet potatoes and zucchini?! yum!!!

charmine. said...

I'm eyeing your melon patch,i love all kinds of melons,we buy lots in the summer.Garden looks WOW! Those beans look like English beans we get here.I can only experience farm life through your blog....i live in the city and thankfully there's vast open spaces around our home.

Lille Diane said...

I've never heard the expression or term "so the melons won't mix"... Do they cross breed? Or whatever you call it when honey bees mix up their pollen & "stuff". Is that how it happens? Honey bees? I need to come spend some time on the farm with you. Yep, I do. This is so cool, Lily. [wonders if she sounds like a city slicker...]

Lynn said...

Wow! Do you ever have a garden! I understand your excitement concerning the bee. I do not know which areas of the country are losing them but I got excited when I saw a couple in my garden.

Jejune said...

What a fantastic garden! Wow. I love the sound of those muskmelons, I don't know if we get those in Australia ... I'll have to check out our local markets in the summer!