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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Awards, Blogs, Brandywines and Bonfires...

DJan at D-Jan-ity has honored me with the Top 10 Fav's Award. Because I recently received this award and posted my list, I will not repeat it now. I did want to acknowledge her for honoring me and hope you check out her blog. She is an amazing person with a gusto for life. At this moment she could very well be free-falling or mountain hiking! Reading her blog is the only way I could possibly keep up with her.
Today shall be my Sabbath. The Lord wants us to rest one day each week. It was a commandment. We quite often skip over that one. I do have to take care of Mom's medicine later, but that is all the work I'm doing today. Well, OK, feed the dog and the horses.
I've been trying to catch up on all the posts I've fallen behind on reading. I just can't keep up anymore. For those of you that post wonderful pictures and entertaining stories, I'm still reading. I haven't left you; I just haven't posted as many comments. I'm still having laptop issues (only on Blogger) and it sometimes eats my comments. I gave up spending time rewriting them. Sorry. I also have to refresh a lot before it will let me view your pages. I think it's a compatibility issue with my browser. Duh... That says a lot. Anyway, it's gotten to the point that I must limit my time in Blogville or never get anything else accomplished.
For dinner this evening, I'll be having my first Brandywines of the season. It seems late for that, but our tomatoes are just now ripening. I've had cucumbers out the ying-yang (whatever that is) and loads of zucchini and green beans. But the tomatoes have kept me waiting. I'm most eager for the Black Sea tomatoes. They're like Brandywines only better! Yum. Don't serve me a sliced up yellow... I want a tomato that's acidy and tomatoey! You know, that old-fashioned tomato taste you only get with heirloom seeds.
It's supposed to rain today, but so far - nothing but dark clouds. This evening is supposed to be dry. I hope so. Our new neighbor (new as in hasn't moved in yet - been refurbishing for two years) just invited us over for tonight's bonfire. He doesn't mess around when it comes to fires. We could toast marshmallows from here! Anyway, he wants me to bring over one of the horses.
We were out riding in the fields one night when he had some people over. They got excited when they saw the horses. (city folks) He always asks us to bring them over again for the kids. I secretly think it's not just for the kids. So I might just take Maggie over for a bit.
For you people that love learning about country life from my blogs, this is what we do in our spare time... We gather and burn things. We either burn things, or watch other people burn things. First we burn paper and wood, then we burn hotdogs and marshmallows over the paper and wood. It's a rite of passage for field-dwellers. It's a social event. We call people up and ask them if they want to come over and burn things.
There are a few country folk that do not very often take part in the burning ceremonies. They practice a different ritual. They gather in a barn and drink large quantities of beer. I'm really surprised that Hallmark doesn't have boxed invitations for barn parties and bonfires. Don't they realize the market they're missing?
Well, that's my day. Catching up in Blogville (being honored is always nice), filling Mom's medicine box, eating veggies from the garden, and going over to watch Steve burn things. Sounds like a winner!


charmine. said...

Congrats !Lily i love reading your farm stories ,i understand how busy you must be with a farm to take care of and a book to write,so do things at your pace.Always a pleasure to read your blogs and to have you visit.

Have a nice day.It's the middle of the night here so I'll come back later.

chicamom85 said...

Congratulations! I can taste the tomatoes already. I am with you 100% on the red tomaty tomatoes. I make sandwiches with just tomatoes and little mayo. I eat them just plain for a snack. There is nothing like a fresh tomato. I love living through your blog. I will be there with you all and Maggie at the bonfire later. Roast a marshmallow for me and Sash please.


Susan R. Mills said...

This was a very funny post! I love big fires. We do that a lot in this neck of the woods, too. Glad you caught up on your blog reading, but take a break next week! A lot of people do Unplug Week, so you won't miss as much as on a normal week.

Talk to later! Have a great week!

DJan said...

Back from the Drop Zone (made two wonderful skydives) and checking up on my blogosphere! Thanks for letting me know that you know that I appreciate you!! And Happy Sabbath, dear friend!

SquirrelQueen said...

Sounds like a relaxing day, hope you get rain later.

That's one of the things I miss about the country, the fires and roasting hot dogs and such. We are just barely inside the city limits of our very small town so it's a no no.

If you are using Internet Explorer it does not seem to like blogger. I have changed to Firefox and the problems are gone.

CrazyCris said...

sounds as hot as Hogueras! and fun!

and yeah, I'd be one of them "city folks" who gets all excited when she sees horses! except I've actually gotten to do a lot of riding (and I have no idea when or how I learnt, it seems like something I've done since forever!). On the other hand that's probably why I get so excited 'cause I know what I'm missing! :p

CrazyCris said...

ummmm is there a problem with your other blog? essays and nonesense? 'cause I can't seem to get the page to load! Firefox tells me it doesn't exist... :s