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Sunday, May 3, 2009

slow down growing feet

While I'm recuperating from this sinus thing (no, it's not swine flu!) I thought I'd post a few more of my older writings that I enjoy reflecting on...

What a joy it is to wake up on a Sunday morning to Gracie! Papaw loves showing her off at church. She picked out her own outfit - a pale green dress, pink stretch pant and purple jacket. Very springtime.

Surprisingly, Grace decided she would go upstairs with the other kids instead of staying in the sanctuary with us. I found her class but only the teacher was there. A minute later a couple of boys showed up. I took Grace on a tour of the room, showing her the kid-sized toilet, the various toys including musical instruments, the cute doll house and the play kitchen. Some girls arrived. I asked their names and introduced Gracie. She grabbed my hand and turned toward the exit. She hesitated… went back for her purple jacket and drug me out the door.

Papaw was happy to have his little angel in the sanctuary with us during worship. Maybe next time she’ll want to go upstairs with the kids - maybe not.

After stopping for breakfast, she and I cuddled up in bed for a little Disney Channel and a nap. She is in a much better mood after her naps than first thing in the morning. She loves napping with me and even though I’m the one she needs when she is hungry, hurt, scared, tired, whatever, Papaw is IT! Her first words after her nap? Almost always, “Where’s Papaw?” We put on our shoes and go to find Papaw.

If only she got that excited when she spotted me! “ Papaw!” she squealed as he stepped out of the barn. I love watching the way she runs to him. Though, I’m not sure if she’s really that glad to see him or just loves the thought that within seconds she will be catapulted to over seven feet in the air.

Sundays with Gracie are the best. It’s pure playtime. She loves getting kissed by the goats. She loves scaring the cats and patting the horses. She finally quit calling my mare 'Puppy'; Now she says “Koda”. But in the midst of all the fun I realized something quite sad. She was no longer running out of her boots.

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SquirrelQueen said...

Way too cute. At that age they outgrow clothes and shoes, but then they become teenagers and things are "last year's style". Mine turned nineteen last month.