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Monday, May 18, 2009

Roommate in Heaven

My roommate in heaven will be perfect! My R-n-H will know how to change the empty toilet paper roll. My R-n-H will not drip liquid handsoap or toothpaste. My R-n-H will know how to operate light switches in BOTH directions. My R-n-H will understand when to keep quiet and when to speak. My R-n-H will love classical music. My R-n-H will not put 'balls' of hay-filled-socks into the laundry basket. My R-n-H will not use the dish towel for wiping muddy hands. My R-n-H will not need to keep an assortment of munchies within arms reach of the favorite chair. My R-n-H will understand the purpose of coasters. My R-n-H will understand that I don't have a built-in key/eye-glasses/wallet finder. My R-n-H will be able to sleep through anything, and without snoring. My R-n-H will use only 1/4 of the bed. My R-n-H's arms will not tire when massaging my back.

My experience here on this earth is teaching me wondrous things about heaven.


Rae said...

That about sums the situation up. I understand perfectly.

SquirrelQueen said...

Yep, I have one of those also. Now I know that is just preparation.
Too funny,

MrsSmith said...

Brilliant! :-)

Lille Diane said...