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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

today's burden, tomorrow's blessing

My daughter-in-law is heavy on my mind today. She is fighting infertility problems due to Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. She blogs about the 'process', so I'm learning little bits of information to help me understand what she is going through. But it doesn't help at all. Yeah, I know something about the treatment for PCOS... But I know very little about what she's going through.

I get snippets from time to time. While reading one of her latest surveys I learned that when she walks by the room set aside to be the nursery, it causes her sadness. I can't imagine living in a home where there is a spot to avoid or face anguish. Isn't that like being stalked or even haunted? Home is supposed to be a place to go to escape the troubles of life - a place for comfort.

Realizing that people did care and want to know, but were afraid to constantly question her, she began updating us with her blog. I'm sure it helps her not to have to answer the same questions over and over to forty different people. And whatever comments we make, she can choose to read or not. She has shared that the hormones necessary to treat her condition do take her on an emotional roller coaster.

It's difficult knowing what to say or not say. I feel quite certain that it won't be long before she is pregnant. But that's just my gut feeling... It does nothing to comfort her. She and my step-son have just started attending our church. I have been praying for her to find comfort in Jesus. He is my comfort. But I also pray that He will bless them soon with a child... Real comfort will come when she rocks my newest grandchild to sleep.

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