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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fun in the Woods

Well, I've finally got the blog's comments working! Yea! Anyway, I didn't want to post just to tell you that, so here's a family video I'd like to share. On one of those nice warm November weekends, my daughter's family came up and played in the woods with us. In this clip, Grand #3 has figured out the sapling/bark catapult game!


Lady Katherine said...

I have been trying comment on your blog for days! Thanks for stopping by. I love rustic too. I love all things old! My French Country Dining room will me a bit rustic. Got to go back to painting. Loved the omelet. Hubby can't eat store bought eggs anymore, they have to come from our hens. I am down to four, have one sitting. When Hubby was in the heart unit a fox got my best hens. I going after sheep tomorrow. I use to have 100+ sheep and goats and every farm animal you can name, we took a job traveling gone 10 months out year for 5 years, then because of my illness we took a leave of absence 3years ago thinking it would be 3 months. I going Tues. to see Doc and plan surgery for I got to have 4-6 before next March. Looks like you have a lot of chicks growing! Send me some, lol I hoping to get some Arcana hens that lay the green and blue eggs. I love these eggs the best! Glad I finally got in to comment.

Lily Robinson said...

I agree about those green eggs! We have 25 of those hens. I like them even better than brown eggs. And the kids think it's fun to have green eggs!

I will soon post some pics of my master bath. It's almost finished. That is the room where I got to 'go girly'!