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Thursday, April 23, 2009

bathrooms & gardens...

I've been busy today... I managed to get some inside and outside work done!Last year Hubby and his dad planted some nice sticker-weeds in my garden. (Don't ask.) Anyway, nice to know the seeds did well. I spent several hours on this garden today and almost finished it! My wheel-barrow is heaped with weeds and my back hurts. Another one of those projects that I will post more on when I'm done...

This ornamental grass is just off the kitchen deck. I haven't yet cut it back and noticed a lot of new growth, so out came the clippers.I thought instead of tossing all the cuttings back into the compost pile, I'd add a few to my hall bath. I already had an urn full of cattails. I stencilled these dragon flies (not today) to appear as though they are flying up out of the 'weeds'.
Last summer my girlfriend brought me back this signed print from her stopover in New Orleans. She thought it would be perfect for my master bath.
I decided to double-mat it and put it in a frame I already had. It didn't suit the print or the room so today it is white.
The wall really is green, and yes, that's torn wallpaper... on purpose! I'll expose the finished product soon. It is the only feminine room in the house, so I made sure it's 'over-the-top'!
This mirror hangs in the same bathroom on an opposite wall. I've had it forever! (Well, since the late 70's.) There is enough dark wood in the room with the windows, doors and floor, so I decided to lighten it up a bit too. And, of course, a touch of pink
I think I've done enough for one day. Hopefully I'll have the energy to get out of bed tomorrow!

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Nancy said...

I liked what you did with updating those frames. I have my eye on one here. It's grey, but I'm thinking maroon to match other things in the room, with a mirror or corkboard for my Intention Board.