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Friday, March 13, 2009

what's in a name

Here's something fun I thought I'd share with you...

I started a new group on Facebook. It's only for people with my name. So far I have 8! We live from CA to London, and range in age from teens up to grammas. While trying to get my sites set up, I ended up on a google search page and there was a video of 'me' taking my first steps! Cute kid. Then there was 'me' listed as some specialist in chemistry & toxins. I had never 'googled' myself before. Turns out I'm everywhere!

That gave me the idea. I found a whole bunch of 'mes' on Facebook and sent them all friend invites (except the exotic looking one). I mentioned to one that maybe we should start a group and she said it sounded like fun, so... Anyway, I posted the first group discussion today - how I got the name.

My plan for the group is to learn of all the achievements and adventures our name has experienced. Maybe I'm already famous!

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