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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the saga continues...

Theoretically, my issue with using my private domain name has been resolved... we'll see. Apparently, I was trying to make it harder than it really was to set-up the link. Shocking!

My future plans (when I'm a famous published author) are to have several separate blogs for different areas of my life. e.g. one or more for those projects I'm continuously embarking on; maybe one on my development as a country girl with critters; of course I'll have one for my fans to learn more about my background and private life (stop giggling); there'll be at least one on my adventures as Nana - maybe branching out as the family grows...

At some future date, I'll most likely have my domains hosted elsewhere, where I can customize my pages exactly to my liking. Maybe then I'll have to add another blog titled 'my frustration in moving my blogs!'

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