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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For the love of Iris...

I did it! I finally finished the iris bed after four days of stuffing clay under my fingernails. Sorry about the quality of the video... a storm is moving in and it is getting dark. You can't really see all the irises, just the big ones, but you can see it's quite a good-sized area. Thank goodness for the rainy weather that gave me a little break. The first two days I worked on it for several hours and the third day my legs cramped!

The stepping stones lead to the 'sitting' rock area. The rock came from down by the creek. I had to roll it in place with the tractor because it's too big to pick up. It directly faces the round pen, so Hubby can sit and watch while I work the horses. Some day the plum tree will provide nice shade for the rock. I spaced the stepping stones with little feet in mind. Big people can just skip some steps.

The small section of picket fence is something I repurposed. A relative brought over a load of stuff to burn and I salvaged half the stuff! This was part of an old gate that was falling apart. I reattached the pickets,spacing them closer together, and wired it up against the electric transformer cover. It looks much nicer than the big green box. Eventually, I'll put sections around the sides too.

This bed will connect with one at the other end of the driveway that runs along the side of the house. I'm shooting for a low-to-no-maintenance landscape. Yeah, there's some weeds to pull, but I lay out my gardens and design the edges so that there's no trimming - just curves that I can mow with the lawn tractor.

Well, since this bed is done, it's on to the big bed out front! UGH!

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