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Saturday, March 21, 2009

craigs list

I'm a newbie, but totally won over! I got a new (to me) vehicle to replace two old vehicles. I needed to sell them, so last night I went on craigs list. I'd heard it was the way to go... Yeah, baby!

I placed an ad at about 3am last night. I got the first call at 9am! Mr Moron. My add said $5k and call after 10am. He wanted to know if I'd take 2500. No. "Well, I don't know what to offer." Um, something closer to my asking price? He hasn't seen it. He wants to do the deal backwards? It's clear he has no money and may have been drinking.

The last call I got for it was at dinner time. The guy had written the number down this morning and didn't know the ad had been deleted because I had already sold it! Oh yeah, I sold the other one too.

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